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Creative.Life.Support Records is a not-for-profit record label enabling selected local and regional artists to develop recordings. Our goal is to help musicians develop their talents into multi-faceted, financially sustainable careers, fostering an environment where bands can jump-start their careers and sustain their long-term visions as touring and recording artists. Here you’ll find an archive of the many talented artists we have had the honor of working with in the past.

Cordell Gibson

Cordell Gibson is an alumni of Creative Life Support’s We Rock Workshop with a strong talent for R&B and Soul.

“Untold Stories” is comprised of all original songs that follow the life of Gibson. His nature pours forth in the honesty of his music through the exploration of emotion and personal anecdotes. Gibson invites the listener to hear his struggles, celebrate his triumphs, and share in his dreams.

Untold Stories is available here.

Crisis Car

Weaving in and out of pulse and melody, the sound of Crisis Car is an energized and enlightened melding of harmony and lyrical diversion. From the ashes of their Penn State-based band Out of the Blue, vocalist/guitarist Frank Spadafora and bassist Mike Speranzo set out to create a unique outfit blending diverse influences into a seamless mix of music and mirth. The band has come to be known for its spontaneous vocal creations and exploratory grooves. In 1997, enter multi-instrumentalist Korel Tunador (a man adept at playing everything from accordion to saxophone) and former US Army Band drummer Jere Bucek. These friends since high school re-teamed to round out the Crisis Car lineup. Most recently, bassist Randy Venturini has joined the band. Speranzo has gone on to full time engineering duties at Mr. Small’s Funhouse, the recording studio where Crisis Car has recorded both of their releases.

New Invisible Joy

New Invisible Joy formed in 1997 and played locally in western Pennsylvania before they released their debut album, Pale Blue Day, in 2000. The band was comprised of John Schisler (vocals), Mike Gaydos (Guitar), Evan Handyside (bass), and Brian Coletti (drums). The album was recorded at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio,   produced by Mike Speranzo and engineered by Peter Beckerman. 


Jazzam created a remarkably unique groove that ventures into soul, rock, R&B, jazz, and world music. It’s About Time, was recorded live at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio and brings you a taste of the band’s super-tight show. Equally impressive vocally or musically, Jazzam has something for everyone in their splendid sound. Rollicking bass lines, spirited guitar, keyboard, and horn solos, and intense vocals are just some of the building blocks of their texturally diverse music. Guests include Liz Berlin (vocals, Rusted Root), George Krasidis, and more.

Wino Riot

Wino Riot recorded The Zygote at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio and released it in 2007. The band consisted of David Bruno Barton (guitar, vocals), Charlie Kulbacki (guitar, vocals), Doug Fitzsimmons (keyboards, vocals), Nick Michaels (bass), Marc Martinka (drums, percussion).

Black Coast Royals​

Black Coast Royals was an all-original rock and roll vintage machine. covering a diverse range of styles from Pink Floyd-esque cinematic epics to straight-ahead rock and roll and Americana.

The band was comprised of Jason Trunzo (vocals, guitars, keyboards) Travis Lacey (percussion of every sort) Jason Gilbert (bass) and Allie Mink (keyboard, trumpet, vocals, percussion).